Proster TL022 220V Digital LCD Display Sensor

Proster 220V Digital LCD Display Sensor STC-1000 Temperature Controller Thermostat All-Purpose at Aquarium CE Approval

  • Product Specification

    Dimension(L x W x H): 13.2 x 9.8 x 8.2 cm
    UPC: 738759981355

  • Product Details
  • Auto switch between refrigerating and heating

    Refrigerating control output delay protection

    Return difference value

    Temperature calibration

    All-purpose Temperature Controller STC-1000

    Alarm when temperature exceeds temperature limit or when sensor error


    All-purpose Temperature Controller STC-1000

    Mounting size: 71*29mm

    Auto switch between refrigerating and heating

    Return difference value

    Voltage: 220 V AC ±10%

    Front panel size 75(L) x 34.5(W) mm

    Mounting size: 71(L) x 29(W) mm

    Product size 75(L) x 34.5(W) x 85(D) mm

    Sensor cable length:2m (include the probe)

    CE approval

    Specification :

    Temperature measuring range: -50~99 ℃

    Sensor error delay: 1 minute

    Power supply: 110V-220VAC ± 10%, 50/60Hz

    Relay contact capacity: Cool 10A/250VAC; Heat10A/250VAC

    Ambient temperature: 0~60 ℃

    Storage temperature: -30~75 ℃

    Relative humidity: 20%~85% (No condensate)

    Package Included :

    1 x Mini Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat

    1 x Temperature sensor probe with 2M cable

    1 x User Manual

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