Proster KB028 Air Mouse Remote Controller + 2.4G Wireless Media Keyboard

Proster Air Mouse Remote Controller + 2.4G Wireless Media Keyboard – for Windows 7 8 Raspberry PI PS3 KODI XBMC MacOS Linux HTPC IPTV Android TV Tivo HTPC

  • Product Specification

    Color: Black
    Product Dimensions: 16 x 10.2 x 2.4 cm
    Item Weight: 59 g
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    United States Germany Japan Italy

  • Product Details
  • 2.4G mini air mouse wireless keyboard to control electronic devices

    System compatiblity: Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux

    Built-in gyroscope sense changes in direction and speed

    Mini; handheld; lightweight and portable

    Plug and play USB 2.0 receiver; compatible with any device with USB port


    Elegant ID design, with air mouse keyboard on one side, and remote-control on the other side.

    Professional 6-axis gyroscope fly air mouse & wireless keyboard & multimedia Android remote controller & Somatic games hand grip combo, providing new style of MOUSE experience.

    Adopting low power consumption 2.4G wireless connection, with strong anti-disturbance ability, sensitive reaction speed. also with LED indicators to indicate the connection status.

    Plug and play USB 2.0 receiver, compatible with any device with USB port, including PC, TV, Set top box, game players, media players, etc.

    Anti-shake algorithm air mouse, providing high accurate, extremely sensitive and stable control of the mouse cursor, make sure the mouse cursor stable and smooth.

    Support Windows, Mac os, Android, Linux operating systems.

    Mini, handheld, lightweight and portable.

    Specification :

    Transmission Mode: 2.4GHz

    Frequency: 2.400-2.483Ghz

    Acceleration Sensor: 6 axes gyroscope

    Gyro-sensor: 6 axes g-sensor

    Wireless distance: 10m

    Receiver: USB 2.0

    System compatiblity: Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux

    Working Current: ≤20mA

    Standby Current: ≤20uA

    Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery

    Indicator: 1 LED indicator

    Product Size: 151* 45* 14mm (L* B* H)

    Receiver Size: 18.58* 14.59* 6.7mm (L* B* H) mini receiver

    Weight: 65g

    Package Included :

    1 x Air Mouse Wireless Keyboard

    1 x USB Receiver

    1 x USB Cable

    1 x User Manual

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