Proster Digital Voice Recorder 8GB Mini Stereo Sound Recorder


  • Product Specification

    Memory: 8GB
    Recording Format: WAV
    UPC; 753807577922

  • Product Details
  • Low battery indicating function; MP3 function; Working as drive free USB flash disk; Recording telephone conversations, ideal for meetings, classes, interviews or even concerts and sporting events

    One-touch recorder with 8GB memory, 96 hours maximum recording time, convenient to record, data compilation.

    Intelligent noise cut filtering microphone and voice amplification, high quality recording,enables you to record only what you want to hear

    Recording via high grade built-in microphone, playing back via high quality speaker;light and small, conveniently fits in any palm, pocket or a purse for easy access and portability


    One-touch recording & high quality recording

    Recording via high grade built-in microphone

    Playing back via high quality speaker

    Recording telephone conversations

    Working as drive free USB flash disk

    Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

    Low battery indicating function

    MP3 Function


    Color: Black

    Memory: 8GB

    Battery Capacity: Lasting for about 8h while continuously recording

    Recording Format: WAV

    Music Formats: MP3 / WMA / WAV

    48 hours maximum recording time for 4GB storage capacity

    96 hours maximum recording time for 8GB storage capacity

    Digits: 192 KBPS


    1 x Digital Voice Recorder

    1 x Headphone

    1 x USB Cable

    1 x User Manual