Wireless Media Keyboard Ultra-Slim 2.4G Multi Touch Pad Keyboards

Wireless Media Keyboard Ultra-Slim Wireless 2.4G Multi Touch Pad Keyboards with Hot Keys for Android TV Box Smart TV Tivo Box HTPC IPTV XBMC PS3 Android OS Tablet Pad

  • Product Specification

    Color Name : White
    UPC: 753807584159
    Brand Name : Proster
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    United States
    Germany Japan Italy

  • Product Details
  • Multimedia Remote Control

    It has some media hotkeys like mute, play, volume up or down to enhance your media experience, and chocolate keys provide you a quiet typing

    Wireless 2.4G Technology

    No messy cables anymore (operating distance 33ft.), gives you a tiny desk

    Extensive Compatibility

    This keyboard is perfect for tv box and smart tv, compatible with Android, Windows and most devices with USB Port like tablet, laptop, smart TV etc

    Saving Power

    With 2 AAA batteries (include), auto sleep after being idle for 15 minutes, and you can press any key to awake it


    AWireless 2.4G technology provides a cable-free & clutter-free connection, operating distance 33 ft (10m)

    Built-in touchpad with Control of Pointing Feature (Support Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 ,10 and Android 3.0-5.0);

    Support for smart phones and tablet with USB port (Apple iOS will not support touchpad mouse function)

    Ultra slim design, easily stowed in a backpack, messenger bag, or case.

    Ergonomic tilted design reduces wrist strain, with stainless steel base board, sleek and durable;

    Scissor-Switch keyboard provides you with very comfortable and pleasing typing experience

    Takes 2 AAA batteries(included), auto-sleep feature saves power and extends battery life


    Layout: QWERTY

    System support: Windows, Android, Tablet

    Battery Type: 2 AAA Batteries(included)

    Temperature: -20oC~50oC

    Size: 355 * 128.9 * 16.9 mm

    Net Weight: 370g

    Package included:

    1 x Wireless Keyboard

    2 x AAA Batteries

    1 x User Manual


    -The touchpad is not compatible with Apple IOS and Win 8 Mobile.

    -Please kindly find the USB Receiver under the battery cell.

    -This keyboard is better for tv box and smart tv, the touchpad will be slower on PC.

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