Anti-interference Wire Tracker High Sensitive for LAN Ethernet RJ45 RJ11

Network Tester Anti-interference Wire Tracker with Batteries Earphone And Bag High Sensitive Portable Cable Tracer Tester for LAN Ethernet RJ45 RJ11

  • Product Specification

    Appearance dimension: 175*42*27mm(receiver); 126*49*34 (emitter)
    Battery type: 2 x 9V Batteries
    EAN: 5060492198789
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    United States Germany Japan Italy

  • Product Details

    High Sensitivity And Strong Anti-jamming Ability for Identifying The Target Wire Among Plenty of Wires Rapidly.


    There Are Many Useful Functions Such As Continuity Testing, Network Cable Sequence Collation, Open/Short Circuit Testing And DC Level Testing.


    Comes With A Light on The Top, Which Is Very Convenient. Also, The Volume Can Be Adjusted.
    Can Be Used to Trace A Wide Range of Cable Includes Telephone Wire, Computer Network Cable, TV Cable And Other Weak Current Electric Wires.


    1 x Cable Transmitter, 1 x Cable Receiver, 2 x 9V Batteries, 1 x Earphone, 1 x Bag, 1 x RJ45 Cable, 1 x RJ11 Cable, 1 x Cable with Crocodile Clamp, 1 x Instruction Manual


    Telephone wire, network cable and other electric wires scanning & finding

    According to 16 wire sequences, you can judge the characteristics of short-circuit, breaking circuit, open circuit and crossing

    Auto scan mode rapidly test corresponding double-twisted cables (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and G) to judge wrong connection, short/open circuit

    Network wire sequence collation supports direct wire collation of operating switch

    Open, short and cross of LAN cable

    2-wire (RJ11)/4-wire (RJ45) telephone cable

    Line DC detecting, anode and cathode determination

    Ringing signal detecting

    Open, short, and cross test

    High sensitivity & strong anti-jamming ability

    Adjustable volume of signal

    Auto time-delay power off

    Low battery indication

    Comes with RJ45 to BNC Converter

    Trace telephone wire/ LAN cable

    Trace wire in electrical system

    Verify LAN cable condition

    Cable Assignment Test: Open, short and cross of LAN cables, 2-wire (RJ11)/ 4-wire (RJ45) Telephone cable


    The max working current: emitter: <=10mA; Receiver: <=30mA

    Signal output electric status: 8Vp-p

    Signal transmission format: multi-frequency impulse

    Distance of signal transmission: >=3km

    Power: DC 9V battery (NOT included)

    Battery life: 50 hours continuously

    Material: ABS plastic

    Appearance dimension: 175*42*27mm(receiver); 126*49*34 (emitter)

    Color: Yellow (as shown in the picture)

    Package included:

    1 x Cable Transmitter

    1 x Cable Receiver/Tracker

    1 x RJ45 Cable

    1 x RJ11 Cable

    1 x Cable with crocodile clamp

    1 x Instruction manual

    1 x Earphone

    2 x 9V Batteries

    1 x Bag


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