Digital Angle Finder 0-225° Digital Protractor

Digital Angle Finder 0-225° Digital Protractor with Battery And Pouch 400mm/16 inch Angle Ruler with Spirit Levels And Backlit LCD Digital Inclinometer Angle Measuring Tool for Roofing Engineering Woodwork Engineers Builders

  • Product Specification

    Measuring Range: 0-225°
    Measuring Precision: ±0.5°
    EAN: 5060492199656
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    United States Germany Japan Italy

  • Product Details
  • Measuring Range of 0-225°

    Perfect to Measure The Exact Angles Such As Trays, Sloping Roofs And Handrails, While Can Be Used in Lineation for Woodworkers.

    Measuring Precision of 0.5°

    With Two Spirit Levels for Calibration, Which Makes The Measure More Accurate.


    LCD with Backlit, Which Is Convenient in The Darkness. With A Hole to Hang Up And A Knob to Lock/ Loosen. With Data Hold Function. Auto Power OFF.


    Includes 1*Digital Angle Finder, 1*9V Battery, 1*Pouch, 1*User Manual.
    Made of Aluminium Alloy, Which Is Sturdy And Durable.

    It is a digital angle measuring device whose read is easier and exact than other scale indicated angle level. It is mainly intended for applications which involve lineation for woodworkers, measure and definition of the exact angles such as trays, sloping roofs and handrails. It also can be used as spirit level to quickly measure the horizontal and vertical angle.


    Backlight design: keep its normal use on dark light.

    Data holding function: Help the use on dark light.

    Mechanical lock (Lock knob): Keep the angle invariable in the process of line or measure the angle.

    The value of the angle increases or decreases in the step of 0.1° as you open or close the angle.

    ON/OFF LED Lighted display

    ON/OFF Button


    Length: 400mm

    Increase/decrease angle: 0.1°

    Measuring range: 0-225°

    Measuring precision: ±0.5°

    Operating Procedure:


    1) Switch on SK99G.

    2) Unfold the arm of ST99G, the opening angle increases or decreases on LCD display.

    3) Adopt the comparative method to measure the angle or set the lineation angle.

    4) You can fasten the Lock Button to keep the angle invariable when drawing the angle line.

    5) Open the backlight when the beam is dark.


    Package included:

    1*Digital Angle Finder

    1*9V Battery

    1*Portable Bag

    1*User Manual

    1. Do not move the screws and components at random.

    2. Please handle your angle meter with care, use even strength to rotate the Rotate Arm, and do not use too much strength.

    3. Do not keep the backlight open for a long time.

    4. When the low power Alarm icon appears on the display, please change the batteries


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