Proster Digital Vernier Caliper 200 mm/ 8 inch Stainless Steel Electronic Caliper Fractions/inch/Metric Conversion Measuring Tool for Length Width Depth Inner Diameter Outer Diameter


  • Product Specification

    Measurement Range: 0 – 8"and 0 – 200mm
    Resolution: 0.0005"/ 1/128"/0.01mm
    Accuracy: 0.001"/0.02mm

  • Product Details
  • 【Range/Precision/Modes】Range: 0 – 8"and 0 – 200mm, Resolution: 0.0005"/1/128"/0.01mm, Accuracy: 0.001"/0.02mm, Three Measuring Modes: mm/ inch/ F (Inch/Metric/Fraction).

    【Hardened Stainless Steel】Higher Quality Zinc Alloy 4CR134 Stainless Steel, With Depth-measurement Blade, Precise Internal And External Measuring Jaws, Precision Lapping Finish Electronic Caliper.

    【Easy read/Easy measure】Extra Large LCD Screen, Easy And Clear Reading; Accurately And Easily Measure Inside, Outside, Depth, Height Dimensions, Step With Two Sets of Jaws And Probe.

    【Value Caliper Set】1x Electronic Digital Caliper; 1x Sturdy Portable Plastic Storage Case; 1x Extra LR44 Battery Replacement Along With One Battery; 1x Mini Screwdriver; 1x User Manual.


    LCD Digital Electronic Caliper Vernier Gauge Micrometer Tool has inch/metric/fraction conversion.
    Made of hardened stainless steel. Internal, external and height dimensions can be easily and accurately measured.
    Linear capacitive measuring system.With easy to read LCD display.
    Handy conversion chart at the back. An ideal tool for a broad range of industrial and automotive applications.

    Caliper Features:
    Three Measuring Modes: Higher quality lower price stainless steel digital caliper with inch/metric/fraction conversion
    Precision/Accuracy: Measurement Range: 0 – 8"and 0 – 200mm; Resolution: 0.0005"/1/128"/0.01mm; Accuracy: 0.001"/0.02mm
    Stainless Steel: Hardened stainless steel shaft with depth-measurement blade, precise internal and external measuring jaws, precision lapping finish electronic digital calipers
    Versatility: measure inside, outside, depth and step with two sets of jaws and the probe
    Easy read visibility: extra large LCD screen for easy and clear reading
    Bonus: extra replacement LR44 battery along with one battery included and custom fit storage case included for better value

    Caliper Specifications:
    Size: 31 x 9.5 x 2.7 cm
    Weight: 400 g
    Measurement Range: 0 – 8"and 0 – 200mm
    Resolution: 0.0005"/ 1/128"/0.01mm
    Accuracy: 0.001"/0.02mm

    Package included:

    1 x Electronic Digital Caliper
    1 x Sturdy Plastic Case
    1 x Extra LR44 Battery
    1 x Mini Screwdriver
    1 x User Manual