Crimping Tool Set 0.25-6mm² Adjustable Wire Terminal Crimper with 1200PCS AWG 10-22 Connectors Crimper Plier TL305


  • Product Specification

    Press range: 0.25-6.0mm2
    UPC: 757347418882

  • Product Details
  • ADJUSTABLE — Suitable for 0.25-6.0mm2 AWG 23-10 Sleeve-type Terminal. The Cross-sectional Area Can Be Automatically Adjusted According to The Requirements of Terminal.

    1200PCS CONNECTORS — Comes with 1200PCS Connectors, Including 100 x AWG 10, 100 x AWG 12, 100 x AWG 14, 100 x AWG 16, 100 x AWG 18, 100 x AWG 20, 200 x AWG 22.

    RESET DESIGN — With Spring to Be Reset Automatically, It’s Convenient for Use And Labour Saving.

    DURABLE — All Key Components Are Made of Hardened Steel. Sturdy and Durable.


    Designed for cable end-sleeves.
    Tube type terminals for insulated and non-insulated.
    Uniform nip pressure to ensure the accuracy of the pressure line appearance.
    Square crimp sleeve terminals ensure optimum contact surface pressure.
    The cross-sectional area can be adjusted automatically according to the requirements of the terminal.
    Excellent rigging, making the operation more effort.
    DIN standard force locking device (releasable) by ensuring accurate crimp seal.
    Simple & Compact. Small size.
    Easy to operate.
    All necessary components are made of specially hardened special steel.
    1200PCS Connectors Terminal with 8 Different Sizes To Meet the Daily Use.

    Applications: sleeve-type terminal
    Press range: 0.25-6.0mm2
    AWG: 24-10
    Length: 175mm
    Independent Packing: paper card

    Package included:

    1 x Crimping Tool 0.25-6.0mm2
    1200 PCS Connectors Terminal