4K HDMI Switcher 5 In 1 Out HDMI Switch with Audio Extractor Toslink SPDIF 3.5mm Output with IR Remote HDMI Cable 3.5mm Male to 2 RCA Female Cable PST086


  • Product Specification

    HDCP Version: HDCP1.4
    HDMI Version: HDMI1.4b
    UPC: 784099936418

  • Product Details
  • 5 IN 1 OUT — This HDMI Switch with 5 Input And 1 Output, Allows to Connect 5 Devices to TV/Projector. In Addition, It’s Not Only A HDMI Switch But Also A Audio Extractor. With Toslink SPDIF And 3.5mm Output, Can Be Used with 5.1CH/2.0CH Speaker or 3.5mm Headphone. (Comes with HDMI Cable And 3.5mm to 2 RCA Cable.)

    4K SWITCH — Support HDMI 1.4 And HDCP 1.4 Version, Support 3D, 2160@30Hz/ 1080p@50/ 60Hz/ 1080i/ 720p/ 1576i/ 480p/ 480i. (NOTE: If Your Source Device Is 4K@60Hz(HDMI 2.0 and HDCP2.2), Please Set up The Resolution to 4K@30hz to Use This HDMI Switch.)

    IR REMOTE — Comes with Remote So That You Can Select Input Device without Leaving Sofa.

    GOLD PLATED — Gold Plated HDMI Sockets Provides Good Anti-Interference and Makes the Sound Pure and Clear.


    HDCP Version: HDCP1.4
    HDMI Version: HDMI1.4b
    HDMI resolution: 2160p@30Hz/1080p@50/60Hz/1080i/720p/1576i/480p/480i
    Support video color format: 24bits/deep color 30bit,36bit
    Audio output: 3.5mm Earphone + SPDIF
    Max bandwidth: 340MHz
    Max baud rate: 10.2Gbps
    Input/ Output TMDS signal: 0.5-1.5Volts p-p(TTL)
    Input/ Output DDC signal: 5Volts p-p(TTL)
    Input cable distance: less than 7m AWG26 standard cable HDMI
    Output cable distance: less than 8m AWG26 standard cable HDMI
    Max working current: 500mA
    Operating temperature range: (-15 to +55°C)
    Operating humidity range: 5 to 90% RH(NO Condensation)
    Dimension: 74 x 82 x 20(mm)
    Weight: 137g

    1.If your source device is 4K@60hz(HDMI 2.0 and HDCP2.2),please set up the resolution to 4K@30hz or 1080p@60hz to use this 3 ports HDMI switch.
    How to set the resolution to fit our HDMI switch:
    a). Connect your "4k@60hz HDMI 2.0 input device" directly to the TV
    b). Then go to "setting-picture-resolution(choose "Auto")-then go to "HDMI Color Fomat"(choose "Auto")
    2. Not compatible with Netflix and YouTube video websites.
    3. When select to 5.1 Channel mode, the spdif out will output 5.1 channel audio depends on whether the input source contains 5.1 channel audio:
    a). If it contains, SPDIF OUT interface will output 5.1 channel audio signal while STEREO OUT interface output nothing.
    b). If it not contains, SPDIF OUT and AUDIO OUT interface are all output 2 channel audio signal.
    4. Can only be used for HD display devices with HDMI interface. DON’T use it with HDMI TO DVI converters or display devices with DVI interface.

    Package included:

    1 x HDMI Switch
    1 x USB Power Cable
    1 x HDMI Cable
    1 x 3.5mm to 2 RCA Cable
    1 x User Manual