Proster Single Ear Stepless Hose Clamps 130PCS 6-21mm 304 Stainless Steel Cinch Clamp Rings Single Ear Hose Clamp Crimper Tool Kit


  • Product Specification

    Material: 304 stainless steel
    UPC: 670924934202


  • Product Details
  • HOSE CLAMP SET — This Hose Clamp Plier Comes with 130 PCS Hose Pipe Clips, Which Includes 7 Kinds of Size: 6-7mm, 7-8.7mm, 8.8-10.5mm, 10.3-12.8mm, 12.8-15.3mm, 15.3-18.5mm, 17.8-21mm.

    CORROSION-RESISTANT — The Clips Are Made of Stainless Steel, Chrome And Nickel. So They Are Corrosion-resistant And Durable, Also with High Ductility.

    COVENIENT DESIGN — Convenient Design for Clamp Pipe Tightly. Also, The Edge of Clips Have Been Polished And Won’t Damage The Pipe.

    SHARP PLIERS — The Pliers Are Made of Special Steel, Which Is Sharp And Durable. The Jaw Can Be Opened up to 30mm.

    304 stainless steel.
    Corrosion-resistant , will not rust for long-term use.
    Hose clamps can be used to seal various types of hoses.
    Edge polished smooth, avoid damage to the hose.
    There is no protrusion and gap in the inner, narrowband design providing a more concentrated sealing pressure.
    The jaws are made of chrome vanadium steel, which is durable and will not collapse or deform, so the installation effect is always the same.
    Perfect for Indoor hot water pipes, air conditioning pipes, petrochemical transport pipeline and so on.

    6-7mm: 20pcs
    7-8.7mm: 20pcs
    8.8-10.5mm: 20pcs
    10.3-12.8mm: 20pcs
    12.8-15.3mm: 20pcs
    15.3-18.5mm: 15pcs
    17.8-21mm: 15pcs
    1 x Pliers
    130 x Hose Clips