Proster Digital Thermometer Dual Channel Thermometer with Two K- type Thermocouples Temperature Meter with LCD Backlight for K/J/T/E/R/S/N Thermocouple


  • Product Specification

    Accuracy: ±0.1%+0.6oC
    Input: Bi-channel input
    UPC: 711583415319


  • Product Details
  • WIDE USE– Can Be Used to Measure Temperature of Liquid, Vapor and Solid Object Such As Fish Tank, Pool, Furnace, Ceramic, Pottery, Molten Metal and so on (Accuracy: +/-0.1%+0.6oC).

    MULTIFUNCTION– Can Measure Temperature of Two Objects Simultaneously with 2 Modes (T1/T2, T1-T2) and Maximum (MAX), Minimum (MIN) & Average Temperature.

    WIDE MEASURE RANGE– J-type: -210oC to 1200oC(-346℉ to 2192℉), K-type: -200oCto 1372oC(-328℉ to 2501℉), T-type: -250oC to 400oC(-418℉ to752℉), E-type: -150oC to 1000oC(-238℉ to1832℉), N-type: -200oC to 1300oC(-328℉ to2372℉), R-and-S type: 0oC to 1767oC(32℉ to 3212℉)

    PACKAGE– Comes with 3*AAA Batteries and Two K-Type Thermocouples (Also Support Other Thermocouples of J/ T/ E/ R/ S/ N Types).

    Packed with two K-Type thermocouples, this professional thermometer can direct measure the temperature of tested object. Also support other types of thermocouples, J/T/E/N/R-type.
    Able to measure the temperature of liquid / vapors and surface temperature of a solid object, with a considerable wider measuring range.
    Suitable to be used both in the high temperature fields of blast furnace and cookery and the low temperature measuring for liquefied hydrogen and liquefied nitrogen etc.
    Applications: Fish tank, pool, furnaces, ceramic, pottery, molten metal etc. Specification:
    Measuring Range:
    J-type: -210oC to 1200oC (-346℉ to 2192℉)
    K-type: -200oC to 1372oC (-328℉ to 2501℉)
    T-type: -250oC to 400oC (-418℉ to 752℉)
    E-type: -150oC to 1000oC (-238℉ to 1832℉
    N-type: -200oC to 1300oC (-328℉ to 2372℉)
    R-and-S type: 0oC to 1767oC (32℉ to 3212℉) Resolution: 0.1oC/℉1000oC
    Accuracy: ±0.1%+0.6oC
    Input: Bi-channel input
    Operating temperature: 0oC ~ 40oC
    Storage Temperature: -10oC ~ 50oC
    Storage Humidity: 20 ~ 90%
    Power supply: 3*1.5V AAA Battery (included)
    Auto power off without operation: approx. 1 minutes
    K-type thermocouple: 2pcs included in the package (Cable length 38.78in / pcs)
    K-type Thermocouple Measuring range: -50~300oC(included)
    Accuracy: ±1.5% NOTE:
    1. Match the + and – polarities of the battery with the battery case. Replace the batteries as soon as the low battery indicator appears. Or it will lead to false reading.
    2. Our thermometer approves seven types (J/K/T/E/N/R) thermocouple. Use the proper thermocouples, function and range for your thermometer. Match the + and – polarities of input when plugging the thermocouple. Package includes:
    2* K-type Thermocouple
    3* 1.5V AAA Battery
    1*English Manual