Proster Professional Pop Rivet Gun with 200 Rivets Hand Repair Tools Riveter, Heavy Duty Hand Riveter Set for Metal, Wooden and Plastic


  • Product Specification

    Portable case: 1
    Rivet Gun: 1
    Rivets: 200


  • Product Details
  • [Wide Application] The pop rivet gun is used by riveting fastening tool for all kinds of mental plate and pipe in industrial manufacturing. Recently, pop rivet gun is widely used for automotive, aviation, railway, elevator, instrument, furniture and so on. Pop riveting is a technique that is used to join or rivet thin pieces or sheets of metal or plastic. It is ideal for all kinds of DIY projects. Pop Rivet Gun has 4 different sizes, which can greatly meet your requirement.

    [More Sturdy] Our riveter has a high strength aluminum body with drop forged carbon steel upper handle. The component of riveter gun adopts heat treated that makes the gun more sturdy and durable. The fulcrum pin is made of cold-formed, heat treated steel to prolong the using life of rivet gun. Spring-loaded handle ejects rivet stem automatically. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned riveter, this gun will accomplish your needs.

    [Labor-saving] The rivet gun adopt ergonomics design to greatly save your strength. Powerful and do not require much strength to make a perfect riveting. The thick PVC grips provide comfort for the user. Anti-slip handle make work easier and improve user’s work efficiency. Saving your time make you to do more things. The unique design of rivet gun allows for use with one hand.

    [Easy to Squeeze] The Pop Rivet Gun kit has a small wrench that is handy for removing the adapter for the different size rivets. This riveter will reliably grip your mandrel and make sure it seats correctly. After 2-3 tries, the pop rivet gun would snap off the rivet pin. This riveter comes with four mounted nose pieces 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", and 3/16". After rivet finally was finished, you will get the remaining pin out of the gun easily.


  • Features:

    1 PC rivet gun with 4 different sizes heads
    1 PC Head wrench
    1 PC Portable case
    50 PCS 3/32 inch x 1/4 inch rivets
    50 PCS 1/8 inch x 1/4 inch rivets
    50PCS 5/32 inch x 1/4 inch rivets
    50 PCS 3/16 inch x 1/4 inch rivets

    How to use Pop Rivet Gun:
    ①Attach a correct size drill bit to drill.
    ②Place one of the objects to be joined on top of the other object where you want them joined.
    ③Clamp the objects firmly together.
    ④Drill a hole through both objects.
    ⑤Insert the long end of a pop rivet into the pop rivet gun.
    ⑥Push the short, wide end of the rivet through the holes in both objects.
    ⑦Squeeze the trigger of the pop rivet gun a few times until you hear and feel a pop. The gun has popped the mandril end off of the pop rivet and the two objects are locked together.
    ⑧Remove clamp from the objects.

    Precautions When Using Rivet Gun:
    Do not press the trigger of the rivet gun without working.
    Do not overload the pop rivet gun.
    Do not use the working pop rivet gun pointing at themselves or others.
    Always use the correct rivets; otherwise, the rivets will be stuck in rivet gun.
    Always wear safety glasses when operating the rivet gun.
    When operate pop rivet gun, ensure the tight connection of adapter.
    The rivet gun should be lightly oiled every day before use.